Meet Stephani Scott, Our Executive Director!

by Jill

Stephani, center, with volunteers at our First Annual Golf Tournament

Stephani is definitely someone you would like very much.  I’m not just saying that because she’s my boss.  And I’m not just saying that because she’s a great a cook (although, seriously, it’s worth your time to try to convince her to make you some sticky toffee pudding). Stephani is great all in her own right.

She is happy and chatty and funny all the time and, as such, is just  a ray of sunshine wherever she goes (the kind of person who will never seem old and world-weary).  She also has done wonders for the  development of the Foundation since she took over.  This is because she knows what she’s doing, and it also has a lot to do with her really very pleasant style of leadership.  She’s quick with (honest) praise and specific-and-direct-yet-nice about things she wants changed.  And best of all, she really trusts us all to know what we’re doing (which is a confidence-booster when you are entirely unsure that you know what you’re doing), and she always, always has her sense of humor on hand.  Even when we’ve popped into her office with questions umpty-ump times in as many minutes, and we are probably having detrimental affects on her productivity.

Giving a speech at our First Annual Golf Tournament

Stephani’s Autobiography

Stephani lives in Redwood City with her metro-redneck husband (DNA salesman and medical device marketing consultant by day, 4×4 hobbyist by night), her 1-year old daughter, and two disobedient pets (a lummox of a Golden Retriever and Abby the Terrible Tabby).   In her ‘free’ time she likes to swim, cook, hike, and go to book club to see friends and pretend she read a book.  A professed chocoholic, Stephani has absolutely no plans to refrain from consuming mass quantities of the stuff on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.

Stephani’s career in the community setting began in her college years as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity in East Palo Alto, and she has been engaged in the San Mateo County community in professional and volunteer capacities ever since.  She brought over a decade of experience working with nonprofit organizations in San Mateo County when she became Executive Director of San Mateo County Community Colleges Foundation, where she is charged with overseeing the operations of the Foundation, including long-range planning for comprehensive campaign and stewardship programs, staffing, fundraising, and communications.

Because of whom she gets to interact with on a daily basis at work, Stephani says she leaves the office every day in a better mood than she starts the day.  She is referring not only to the Foundation staff, but also to the donors and students, all of whom who provide an immense amount of inspiration.  They say that one of the top ten conditions for happiness is being involved in your community in some capacity, and she considers it her good fortune that she gets to work with her community as her job.