Welcome to our blog!

by Jill

Yes, “San Mateo County Community Colleges Foundation” is indeed a mouthful, but say it three times fast, and you’ll be surprised by how easily it starts to roll off your tongue.  Even if, hypothetically speaking, you are a new-employee-who-has-to-make-lots-of-phone-calls-to-intimidatingly-important-sponsors-immediately-after-you’re-hired,-and-elocution-has-never-really-been-your-strong-suit.

For those of you who are not familiar with what we do, San Mateo County Community Colleges Foundation raises money for student scholarships and special programs at the three community colleges in San Mateo County, California: Skyline College, Cañada College, and College of San Mateo (CSM).  If you attended one of our schools and your financial aid package included a scholarship, we raised the money for that scholarship!  We are also, for instance, responsible for much of the existence of the CSM Planetarium (well, paying for it anyways).

We’re starting this blog so our adoring public (most of whom just learned who we are in the last paragraph) can get to know the faces behind the Foundation.  At the core of the Foundation are three extremely nice, extremely hard-working employees with fine senses of humor (it’s a job requirement, actually), and they are backed by any number of Board members/officers, volunteers, student helpers, independent contractors, etc.

I’m new here, but everybody I’ve met (which is nearly everybody at this point) has already been beyond nice, and they’re all so dedicated.  It’s a wonderful work environment, and in the short time since I’ve arrived, we have already had several adventures (First Annual Golf Tournament for the win!), so this here blog should be an entertaining, uplifting, Pulitzer-prize-winning read.