Learning Together as Equals

by Jill

I found the image below on the internet.  It encapsulates all that is amiss with education today in the U.S., but it also made me think that this isn’t true at community colleges. In the words of Daniel Zoughbie, one of our alumni and Foundation Board members, “Our community colleges are the one place where students coming from various backgrounds can learn together as equals.” 

Community colleges are uniquely affordable and accessible.  And they have programs like those that we sponsor that provide remediation for students that are not-so-great at math (like me), challenging honors coursework for students that excel at certain subjects (also like me), and programs for every other kind of student in between. 


Community colleges are a route into a certain quality of life that we all hope to have.  Without our schools and people supporting our schools, so many members of our community would certainly be left behind.  The gaps between students alluded to in this cartoon would still exist for those people: financial gaps, achievement gaps, learning gaps, family situation gaps, child care issues, etc.